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U GRO Capital Launched Gro X App : Credit Line on UPI

News Desk, News Nation 360 : U GRO Capital, a DataTech NBFC and pioneer of Lending as a Service (LaaS) in India, announced the launch of GRO X App, a credit line on UPI for MSMEs. It will enable small business owners, retailers, traders, professionals, and small manufacturers across India to obtain collateral-free instant credit for immediate working capital requirements and to manage their financial liquidity. The Company also unveiled its first brand campaign to demonstrate its technological prowess, superior underwriting, and instant loan solutions for last-mile MSMEs. On the launch of the GRO X App, Amit Mande, Chief Revenue Officer, U GRO Capital said that the GRO X proposition leverages their data analytics prowess and cashflow-backed risk assessment methodology to deliver instant short-term credit limits to the MSMEs. The MSMEs can then dispense this credit on UPI, receive payments and pay interest only for the time the funds are utilised, thereby making it affordable and transparent. For example, if a Kirana store has to stock up on groceries for the festive season, the merchant can get the GRO X limit instantly, use his GRO X limit to pay distributors for the stock, receive payments from customers to manage his utilisation and have transparent visibility of his credit limit, debit and credit transactions, and interest payments, all on his smartphone. It truly gives all small businesses Non-Stop Business karne ki Azaadi. Over 63 million MSMEs in India today employ more than 110 million people and account for nearly 30 per cent of the country's GDP. However, a lack of timely credit prevents them from realising their potential. U GRO Capital's newly launched GRO X App aims to address this small business credit need by utilising data analytics and technology to provide flexible and affordable credit to MSMEs. U GRO plans to acquire and service over 1 million MSME customers in the next 3 years on the GRO X platform which is a completely digital and seamless journey for accessing and utilizing short-term credit extended to small businesses.

Report : Anustup Kundu

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