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6th Year Panihati Book and Little Magazine Fair organized by International Mother Language Celebration Committee

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News Desk, News Nation 360: Chinese Consul General in Kolkata Zha Liyou was invited to attend the 6th Year Panihati Book and Little Magazine Fair organized by International Mother Language Celebration Committee in Panihati on February 16, 2023. General Secretary of the Association Koushik Pal, President of the Program Dulal Chakraborty, Assistant Professor of Chinese Language Dr Anirban Ghosh, Bengali singers Pratul Mukhopadhaya, Dyutiman Bannerji, Anil Acharya, teachers and students from local schools amounting to more than 200 people attended the event. The guests at the scene introduced the origin and history of International Mother Language Day and called for the importance, protection and inheritance of their own language and culture with practical actions. This year the Chinese Consulate General actively responded to the committee's initiative to hold a China-themed photo exhibition and selected 60 pictures to show China's extraordinary development achievements in the 10 years of a new era and new looks of China’s Tibet. Chinese Consul General Zha Liyou and other guests visited the China-themed photo exhibition and presented footballs to local schools and clubs. Zha also visited the publication exhibition of local primary and secondary schools and had cordial conversations with the local people and kids who came to perform and took photos with them. This is the first time that the Chinese Consulate General in Kolkata has visited the scene to support the event after the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic. In this regard, Consul General Zha Liyou stated that he was very glad to be invited to the celebration of International Mother Language Day again. Mother tongue is a tool for people in every country to integrate into society, and it is also a carrier of culture and values. The people of every country should be proud of their mother tongue, and make good use of,

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protect and pass on their mother tongue. At the same time, they are supposed to actively learn foreign languages, through which they understand other cultures and serve as a bridge for communication between their own cultures and foreign cultures. The Chinese Consulate General is willing to work with friends from all walks of life to promote various cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and East India.

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu

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