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South Kolkata Nrityangan Presents Nrityasamaroh A Classical Dance Festival

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News Desk, News Nation 360:  South Kolkata Nrityangan, one of the renowned classical dance institutions in Kolkata recently organised their maiden edition of the Classical Dance Festival titled 'Nrityasamaroh' at the Indian Council For Cultural Relations - Kolkata. The glorious evening commenced with an opening Group Dance by the students of South Kolkata Nrityangan. Guru Gopika Verma from Kerala who is a Sangeet Natak Academy awardee and an exponent of 'Mohiniyattam', Guru Gajendra Panda from Odisha and an exemplary Odissi performer, Guru Sandeep Mallik from Delhi Kathak Kendra, an outstanding 'Kathak' artist and from Kolkata Smt. Bimbavati Devi, a noted 'Manipuri' exponent and Sri Rajdeep Banerjee, an eminent Bharatanatyam presented on stage their extraordinary moves. The concept of 'Nrityasamaroh' is originally conceived by Smt. Jhinook Mukherjee Sinha is an acclaimed Bharatanatyam performer and also the founder of one of the oldest dance schools in Kolkata, South Kolkata Nrityangan. She is the disciple of Dr Guru Smt. Thankamani

Kutty and have impressed people across the globe through her versatile performances on several occasions. Jhinook Mukherjee Sinha, Director, 'Nrityasamaroh stated that the initiative 'Nrityasamaroh' is specially curated to provide an esteemed platform to the budding artists inhabiting the remote areas of Kolkata as well as West Bengal. The show shed light on the blooming talents whose skills and creativity remained obscure due to certain socio-economic issues and the unfair challenges imposed on them against their will. The prime purpose of this cultural evening is to eradicate these boundaries. By rendering valuable support, their pledge is to assist the young, underprivileged artists to overcome all the limitations and disparities surrounding them so that they can achieve the deserved prestige, and recognition and flourish further. 

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Anustup Kundu

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