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Jogen Chowdhury Centre For Arts Presented Rhythmic Nature And Nostalgia

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'Buddy's world-II'- Papier mache relief with acrylics 30cms diameter 2023.jpg
'Rhapsody in blue'Papier mache relief with acrylics 31cms diameter 2023.jpg
Buddy and memories'Papier mache relief with egg shells and acrylics 23.5 cms 2022.jpg
'An afternoon'-Papier mache relief with acrylics 24cms 2023.jpg
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Image12  - Creative 'Paper Mache' Work By Artist Trina Chatterji.jpg

News Desk, News Nation 360 : An Exhibition titled 'Rhythmic Nature And Nostalgia', commenced at Jogen Chowdhury Centre For Arts, the renowned art gallery located at the heart of the City Of Joy. Present in the inauguration ceremony of the Exhibition was the globally acclaimed Figure, Jogen Chowdhury along with Goutam Ghose, National Award-winning Film Director, Artists Sourav Ghosh and Trina Chatterji. On the prestigious walls of Jogen Chowdhury Centre For Arts, 'Rhythmic Nature And Nostalgia' will be upholding before the viewers the ‘Soras’ (terracotta discs) and board designs by artist Sourav Ghosh and experiments with Papier Mache and Pen and Ink works by artist Trina Chatterji. Artist Trina Chatterji's artistic explorations on the other hand have been more atmospheric with a later emphasis on textural and tactile detail. Some initial work on Papier Mache shows the artwork as a flat disc or rectangle. She then used various types of ‘soras’ as her drape mould by placing and shaping the papier mache on them to create similar shapes. The forms emerge from the surface creating a low relief. Her themes range from family to her surroundings, nostalgic memories, her pet and familiar flora growing in the gardens around her. The sense of nostalgia and a return to the roots is quite eminent in artist Sourav Ghosh's artwork in recent times where the motifs are unmistakably derived from the ‘Alpona’ and various units of design in the present show one can see the mastery of lines in the arabesques and swirls as well as the floral forms. In 'Rhythmic Nature & Nostalgia' both the artists have used circular orientations as well as rectangular and square shapes to express themselves in their inimitable styles using colours and textures of their choice or moods. Through the artistically painted 'Soras', artist Sourav Ghosh will be showcasing his love for nature in terms of traditional motifs of Alpona (ornamental floor designs of Bengal) in graceful linearity and pleasing colour combinations whereas Trina Chatterji's personal experience and love for nature is expressed through gritty textures and bulging forms both reminiscent of an etching plate and a relief sculpture panel using a comparatively darker palette. But the rhythm of nature is unmistakable in the creations of both of the artists. The exhibition will be running in the Gallery CHARUBASONA : Jogen Chowdhury Centre For Arts from 24th March 2023 to 9th April 2023. The duration of the visiting hours is from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Image 2..  - Shri Jogen Chowdhury at the Inuaguration Evening of the Exhibition 'Rhythmic
Image1 - Shri Gautam Ghose, Shri Jogen Chowdhury, Artists, Trina Chatterji & Sourav Ghosh
Image8  - Shri Gautam Ghose, Artist Sourav Ghosh, Shri Jogen Chowdhury & Artist Trina Chat

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu

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