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Acropolis Mall  Ushers in Holi with Holi food festival – “Rang Barse “


News Desk, News Nation 360:  A sip of the freezing thandai or lassi, a bite of the festive sweets, and a mouthful of the delectable phuchka-chat soaked in a blend of sweet-sour tamarind water would make your face visibly rapturous and smeared with organic holi special abir. India’s leading Acropolis Mall had ushered in  Holi- the festival of colours with a Pre-Holi Food Festival.  Christened  “Rang Barse”- the lip-smacking food festival would draw foodies with an array of holi special cuisine and thandai. Sayantani Guhathakurta, actress and K Vijayan, GM, Acropolis and Homland, have formally inaugurated the festival amid a cheering crowd in a fun-filled ambience. Rang Barse – the  Holi special food festival would lure gourmets with Snacks, Mutton Boti Kabab, Mutton Pyare Kabab, Chicken Kebab Cheese Wrap, Kaju Kishmish Punjabi Lassi,  Rabri Kulfi, Chaat, Phuchka, Holi Special Mishti Doi, Rosogolla, smoky Paan and many more. Ten food brands namely  RK Chat centre, Doiwala, Roy pan, Calcutta Delicacies, Hot Lebanese, Pyare Kebab,  Kotals Satyanarayan, Poush Pabbon, Dimwala, Sikdar Juice would display their drool-worthy items.  Enjoy the Pre Holi Bash with special delicacies and of course - One can not give the Thandai a  miss. K Vijayan, GM, of Acropolis

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu


Mall stated that  Rang Barse has been conceptualised to herald the popular Holi festival and doljatra in Kolkata which will create a perfect reason for guests to congregate at the Acropolis Mall. They hope that shoppers can indulge in their spring shopping spree amidst the lovely spring weather with a nice breeze at several fashion, apparel, gadget, and consumer durable stores inside Acropolis Mall while enjoying the winter ambience and dinosaurs and indulging in their gastronomic journey at the holi food festival. 

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