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Students of Orchids the International School Celebrated Mothers' Day


News Desk, News Nation 360 : Orchids The International School, Kolkata, celebrated Mother’s Day enthusiastically and creatively, where students expressed their love and appreciation for their mothers by preparing delicious snacks and presenting them with a heartfelt handmade greeting card. Sharmili Shah, Principal at Acharya Tulsi Academy, Orchids The International School, Newtown said that Mother’s Day is a significant occasion for them to recognize and celebrate the unconditional love and sacrifice that a mother does. Their children have beautifully showcased their gratitude through the preparation of delicious snacks and heartfelt handmade cards. They are proud of their efforts and encourage them to always value and cherish their special bond with their mother. The children prepared a delightful assortment of sandwiches and chaats, showcasing their culinary skills. The students carefully selected the ingredients and flavours of their mother’s choice, ensuring each item was made with love and personal touch. After preparing sandwiches and chaats, the students created heartfelt greeting cards. Using their creativity and imagination, they adorned each card with colourful designs and heartfelt messages and ensured each card was unique, showcasing their love and gratitude for their mothers.

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu

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