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The trailer and Poster of Aaheli were Released in Kolkata

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : The trailer and poster of Aaheli, a Bengali feature film from the house of Banasrita Films, were released in Kolkata. The film which Biswabrata Maity produced, saw the presence of Anamika Saha, Bodhisattva Majumder, Debashish Gangopadhyay, Tumpa Singh, new-comer child artist Banasrita Maity and others as actors. Debajit Mondal directed this film, as well as the story and the screenplay too, have been written by him. This is a horror film which is shot at Dooars. The story of this film revolves around Aaheli, a girl. A pregnant woman went to her farmhouse to live along with her mother, sister and daughter after her husband’s demise. Going there, the lady felt some supernaturalism in her daughter. She consulted a spirit specialist about this but he gave no answers to her. After that, she visited a father of a church who listened to her and stated that there is some kind of spirit present in her house. That spirit is using Aheli’s body as its shelter. This father, at last, helped Aaheli to get rid of the intruder. Why the spirit chose Aaheli as its shelter and why Aaheli was fond of that spirit, the answers are in the film. Spirits and Humans can’t stay together - this belief is proved again in Debajit’s film. The film is releasing this 28th October 2022 in the nearest theatres.

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu

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