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Asparagus Organised Baishakhi Adda in Kolkata


News Desk, News Nation 360:  Asparagus hospitality started its journey in 2010 with event and wedding planning services, with a house food catering and decoration unit, under the brand name asparagus scattering unit and as per August event and wedding respectively which help them to maintain the same quality and pocket-friendly budget for their clients. Asparagus scattering unit, a food catering house offers conceptual ways to bring the platter from the kitchen to its guests and share the basic needs for everyone - satisfaction. They claim to be the most budget-friendly catering unit in Kolkata whose a customised menu in different budget segments according to guest needs. It's not only food but the quality of food, its way of service, hygiene and new measures of presentation and art of cooking are taken care of here. At Ahare Bangla (2016, 17, 18, 19), a food festival organized by the west bengal government asparagus catering unit, they were honoured by getting the biggest tall in the food carnival amongst private food


service providers and separate stalls for the international delicacies and theme food in their theme food pavilion. Mainly more than a lack of food lovers were served each day and it's only because of their team effort they succeeded. Founder Pritam Dutta, alumni IHM Taratala (Kolkata), spread asparagus' services to destination weddings, promoting Bengal's Off beat destination for exotic events and weddings and expanding its services to North East part of India as well. The founder claims that it has always been a pleasure to serve people with something new. The appreciations are their inspiration to serve better and present more unique devices. In the post-COVID scenario, the hospitality industry open August also looks forward to an appositive approach. Asparagus expanded its food catering services in Bangalore and Hyderabad with the traditional Bengali menu spread. At PC Chandra Gardens Kolkata, asparagus organised Baishakhi Adda and a unique festival to experience their menu as they always keep bringing new things for their consumers and food lovers. This event was graced and attended by plenty of food vloggers and food lovers as well. The menu included drinks like Aam Pora Sherbat, Gondhoraaj Ghol, Assorted Soft drinks, Kesariya Tea, the starter included beer batter fish, chicken tangdi kabab, mochar chop, potato wedges, the main course included Luchi, Cholar Dall Narkol diye, Stuffed Aalur dum, Bhetki Paturi, Salad Spread, Mutton biryani, Chicken Kosha, Basmati rice, Dab Chingri, Kadai Paneer and Potoler Dorma, and finally the desert included Assorted Chutney,  Masala Papads, Norom Paaker sandesh, Malai Firni, Tiramisu pastry, Teppanyaki ice cream etc. Asparagus believes to serve people more and more in the near future and not only bind them into Kolkata but also to spread to other states as well to serve authentic Bengali dishes to everyone.

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu

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