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Latest Rhythm Express Single Love Lounge is Released

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : GiMA winner Percussionist & Composer Prodyut Mukherjee, a well-known member of the Grammy Jury and an internationally renowned Tabla Maestro, is thrilled to announce the release of "Love Lounge," his newest piece, as part of the Rhythm Express musical project. The track "Love Lounge" by Rhythm Express was recorded and launched by Prem Kumar Gupta, owner of well-known audio level Raga Music. "Love Lounge" is a monument to the idea that music transcends borders and restrictions and aims to foster a loving and harmonious environment. It serves as a reminder that when someone hums a song, they do it without giving its composer's background—such as their caste or religion—any thought. Their love for music is unwavering in the face of these things. Music stands out because of its special feature that elevates it to another level. Thanks to a superb cast that includes internationally acclaimed Maestro Johar Ali, Monicka Shuklla, Abhik Ganguly, and Asif Ali, the song will enthral fans with its seductive melody and motivational message. Prodyut Mukherjee has long been praised for his work in the music industry and his commitment to using his craft to inspire others. He continues to defy expectations and push boundaries with "Love Lounge," showcasing the transforming power of music. Prodyut Mukherjee remarked that music is never constrained by any restrictions. It constantly goes

above and above to promote peace and love. It barely matters the lyricist's caste or religion if a song is genuinely enjoyed. There are several instances of expressing affection to lyricists or singers from all cultures and religions. This is what distinguishes and elevates the music to a higher plane. No actual cable is required for music to touch a chord in the souls. Music can be the best weapon to combat all of these disadvantages in the little world of today, where there is discrimination based on caste and religion and conflicts can even arise over trivial matters. This is the message they want 'Love Lounge' to deliver. Currently, "Love Lounge" is accessible on all popular streaming services. 

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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