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Annual Sports Competition 2023 was Organised by North Point Senior Secondary Boarding School

News Desk, News Nation 360 : It was a grand occasion for North Point Senior Secondary Boarding School's annual sports competition. Each year, this school holds an annual sports competition on the campus of its Rajarhat branch, in which one thousand students compete. The annual sports competition of North Point Senior Secondary Boarding School was held on a grand occasion.

On the campus of its Rajarhat branch, this school hosts an annual sports competition every year where a thousand students participate. Notable football player Rahim Nabi attended and kicked off this yearly sporting event this morning along with Tapas Chattopadhyay, MLA, Rajarhat, Mahua Saha, Principle of Arjunpur Branch, Maitreyi Chakraborty,

Principle of Rajarhat Branch and many other eminent personalities. During a press conference held in conjunction with the athletic event, Meena Sethi Mondal, the school's founder secretary and managing trustee, stated that the institution has been around for 32 years. There are three branches - Arjunpur is the first, Rajarhat is the second, and the school in Bolpur (Santiniketan) is the third. Boys' and girls' quarters are separate at their Rajarhat branch boarding school. Every year, their boys and girls achieve good outcomes.

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