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ICC and Bengal Pro T20 League Joined Forces

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The Indian Chamber of Commerce, one of the oldest business chambers in India, has the opportunity to become the Official Chambers Partner for the upcoming Bengal Pro T20 League, the most exclusive cricket league in West Bengal, thanks to a tri-partite agreement signed by the Cricket Association of Bengal today. Bengal Pro T20, which was formally introduced last week, is modelled after the Indian Premier League and will feature eight franchise teams fielding men's and women's teams to play right after the league. In addition to being the largest cricket league in the state, the League is expected to be Bengal's most spectacular and memorable sporting occasion. Dr Rajeev Singh, Director General of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Snehasish Ganguly, President of the Cricket Association of Bengal, and Rajneesh Chopra, Co-Founder of Arivaa Sports, signed the agreement on behalf of the CAB. According to the 10th edition of the Sporting Nation Report by Group MESP on sports sponsorship in India, sports in India have grown to be a significant industry valued at over 14,000 crore rupees, with cricket continuing to be at the centre of it all. By highlighting the value and opportunities the

League offers to every one of its members, the Indian Chamber of Commerce will, as the Industry partner, play a significant role in the development of Bengal Cricket. Additionally, it will serve as a unifying factor between the League and the business community, facilitating smooth integration and profitable partnerships to achieve the goals—chief among them being the expansion of Bengal Cricket as a whole. Snehasish Ganguly, President of the CAB stated that in modern India, the sports industry is fully developed. It's no longer just about the athletes and their sponsors. An entire support system has grown up around sports as they have matured into legitimate professional career opportunities. As the guardians of Bengal Cricket, they must establish these kinds of collaborations and opportunities so that the players, support staff, and surrounding community can all lead successful careers. That's why this partnership is so crucial.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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