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Salt Lake Point School has Launched a Robotics and AI Lab

News Desk, News Nation 360 : To keep up with rapidly changing technology, various boards have added a lab and a course on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics to the school curriculum. Salt Lake Point School, Salt Lake's oldest educational institution, has gone further by establishing a Robotics and AI Lab, with support from STEMpowered, a company founded by IIT Kharagpur alumni. In addition to STEMpowered, organisations such as Edudigm and the MentorsFirst group of companies have collaborated on this initiative. Their collaborative efforts provide students with hands-on experience in robotics and AI at the school level, allowing them to improve their skills through practical application. The teaching method used here is unique. From third to twelfth grade, the curriculum will gradually cover all aspects of robotics, coding, and AI, beginning with the fundamentals of circuit building. By the twelfth grade, students will have not only a fundamental understanding but also the skills to become expert creators. According to Rajarshi Sengupta, Secretary of Salt Lake Point School, the establishment of the Robotics and AI Lab represents a significant step forward in modernising education. Subhomoy Bakshi, Chief Operating Officer at STEMpowered, stated that the goal is not only technological advancement but also to ignite each student's mind.

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