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The Good and Bad Touch Initiative by SPK Jain Futuristic Academy Aimed to Increase Awareness

News Desk, News Nation 360 : SPK Jain Futuristic Academy, which is tucked away in the bustling centre of Newtown Kolkata, held an important workshop on "Good Touch and Bad Touch." The session, which was led by Young Indians, was designed to teach young students about boundaries and personal safety. The workshop represented a major advancement in the continuous goal of SPK Jain Futuristic Academy to offer a conscious and all-encompassing education. The academy, which takes great satisfaction in producing well-rounded people, considered this workshop to be a crucial part of its all-encompassing teaching strategy. SPK Jain Futuristic Academy is more than just a school; it occupies a spacious 2-acre campus. It's a caring, coeducational sanctuary where students are inspired to learn and grow. A wide range of extracurricular and academic activities are supported by the institution's cutting-edge resources and facilities. Students are equipped to succeed in a variety of areas, from intense athletic pursuits to imaginative artistic endeavours. Students participated in interactive discussions and exercises all during the session to gain an understanding of the distinctions between appropriate and inappropriate touch. To create a secure and encouraging environment for all students, the workshop focused on the significance of speaking up and asking for assistance in awkward situations. The workshop's conduct and content demonstrated the academy's dedication to conscious education, which incorporates mindfulness and values into the curriculum. Through empathic instruction, critical thinking, and holistic development, SPK Jain Futuristic Academy continues to shape well-reasoned, globally-aware individuals.

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