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A 12-Hour Surgery for a Rare Aortic Dissection at Narayana Hospital RN Tagore Hospital Gave a 45-year-old Woman a New Lease on Life

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Malabika Mondal (Name Changed), a 45-year-old woman, was diagnosed with aortic dissection, a serious cardiac condition that poses a serious risk to the patient's life because it causes one of the aorta's layers to rupture. Due to multiple factors, including a positive family history of aortic dissection, her prior history of Type A Aortic Dissection surgery twelve years prior, and the need for repeat surgery, her case was particularly critical. Nonetheless, she has received successful treatment for a rare and potentially fatal Type B Aortic Dissection at Narayana Health's RN Tagore Hospital thanks to the skilled care of senior cardiac surgeon Dr Atanu Saha and his team. She underwent surgery, recovered without any issues, and was released once her condition had completely stabilised. Malabika’s treatment and quick recovery were greatly aided by the multidisciplinary care team, which included nurses, perfusionists, intensive care physicians, physician associates, anaesthetists, and residents in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery. Since her entire aorta was replaced, there is little chance that she will experience any more potentially

fatal complications. She has been told to adhere to a diet low in vitamin K for lifelong management, though. She has shown incredible resiliency during her hospital stay, keeping a positive outlook and aiding in her full recovery. Dr. Atanu Saha, Senior Consultant - Cardiac Surgery at Narayana Hospital RN Tagore Hospital, Mukundapur, remarked that Marfan Syndrome and the need for a second surgery presented difficulties, but careful methods were used, and the procedure went well. Their commitment to providing exceptional complex cardiac care is exemplified by Malabika Mondal’s case. They succeeded through timely intervention and careful teamwork, reiterating our dedication to enhancing patient outcomes and offering compassionate care.

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