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Anoop Bali has Received Recognition for His Substantiated Contributions to the Hospitality Sector

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Anoop Bali, the full-time director of Tourism Finance Corporation of India Limited (TFCI), has received recognition for his demonstrated contributions to the hospitality sector from HI-AIM (Hospitality Industry – Architecture, Interiors, and Management), a prominent platform for the tourism and hospitality sectors. The 12th Edition HI-AIM Conference, which was hosted at the Aloft Hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal, on February 1st, 2024, featured an award ceremony. The award honoured excellence across a range of categories, with an emphasis on honouring those who have exemplified exceptional leadership, inventiveness, and dedication to the development of the hospitality sector. TFCI, a well-known non-banking financial institution, was founded in 1989 and has been instrumental in supporting several tourism-related projects across the country. These projects have produced more than 55,000-star hotel rooms and other tourist attractions, many of which are firsts for India, including luxury tourist trains, spas and hospitals, wildlife resorts, serviced apartments, entertainment parks, and palace (heritage) hotels. With over 33 years of experience in project finance, investment banking, credit and treasury management, risk management, finance and accounting, and other related fields, Anoop Bali is a seasoned corporate leader and the Whole Time Director of TFCI. Acknowledged for his extensive understanding of closing the credit gap for hotels in India, he works in the travel and hospitality industries. He is a passionate traveller and dog lover who supports the creation of senior citizen-serviced apartments and pet-friendly hotels and resorts in India. In addition to bringing together a think tank to promote ethical and ecologically friendly design and construction practices in the tourism and hospitality sector, HI-AIM was established as an industry platform to apply and incorporate efficient and responsible materials and technology in the sector.

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