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Asha Audio Released New Romantic Singles Bheja Bheja Swapnagulo - Na-Bola Premer Gaan by Mekhla Dasgupta

Updated: Feb 3

News Desk, News Nation 360 : One of the most talented singers of this generation, Mekhla Dasgupta, performed the romantic single "Bheja Bheja Shopnogulo - Na-Bola Premer Gaan," which was written and composed by Sreeraj Mitra. Asha Audio released this song as their first of the year. Rocket Mondal, an accomplished musician and composer, has completed the music arrangement. Prominent director Avijit Sen was present to introduce the song alongside Apeksha Lahiri, Director of Asha Audio, as well as the actors and crew of the music video. The music video is currently accessible on Asha Audio's YouTube channel, One of the most gifted and in-demand vocalists of the modern era is Mekhla Dasgupta. Mekhla has a few hit songs under her belt and draws large crowds to her live performances. Sreeraj Mitra, a communications consultant who has been pursuing his love of songwriting for more than ten years, wrote the lyrics for this song. With this song, he makes his musical composing debut for the

first time. The song Bheja Bheja Shopnogulo is about a woman's nostalgia and unfulfilled love. The love she felt was nurtured but never fully expressed. She lives with that Untold Love and occasionally reflects on the time she spent and the dreams she had with the individual in question, either with joy or a hint of regret. She continues to live her life in this manner, believing that the other person likewise loves her and that they may

one day get back together. It's called Na-Bola Premer Gaan (The Untold Love Song) in Bengali. Sandipan Ganguly played the violin, Rocket Mondal played the guitar, and Subrata Bose composed the song's music. Shubhajit Maggie Banerjee recorded the song, and Bobbie Prasad mixed it at Om Studios. The music video was choreographed by Sukanya

Chatterjee, cinematographed by Ashok Bej and directed and edited by Sameer Jamess. TV actors Tuin Chakraborty and Palash Ganguly are featured in the music video. The promo, teaser, and publicity design were all created by Tamal Duary. Singer Mekhla Dasgupta stated that she is excited to see how "Bheja Bheja Swapnagulo" is received by the public. She has never sung a composition like this before; it's entirely melody-based and quite different. To best capture the mood of the song, the guitar and violin have been used extensively. Working with Sreeraj Da, Apeksha, and Rocket Da has been an amazing experience.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu

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