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Devotees of Lokenath Baba Dispelled Rumours About the New Big Temple in Chakla

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The "Tirthbhoomi Chakla" village saw the foundation stone of a new, large temple laid on February 11, 1987. For some reason, Baba's idol was not installed in the temple even after it was finished. In the letter inviting people to the Bhit Puja, Kamalkant Bakshi, secretary of the Bhit Puja Committee, asserted "Punya Janmabhoomi Mahatirtha Chakla". The president at the time, Jyotiprasad Nagchoudhury, who was a member of the well-respected Nag family from Bardi village, first revealed Lokenath Baba's birthplace in Chakla in the 1990s. With a brief note regarding Lokenath Baba's birthplace—everyone is aware that his childhood friend Benimadhava and Gurudeva Bhagavan Ganguly were born in this village. However, there is no indication that childhood friend or Gurudev ever lived in Chakla village. Thus, only if the location of Lokenath Baba's birth, Chakla, is shown to be historically accurate. They also discussed that the large temple has just 36 years since Bhit Puja, and the temple devoid of idols has been advertised and promoted in letters as 50 years old instead of the real information. They also questioned and discussed whether it is appropriate to mislead the devotees by omitting such important information.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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