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The Medella Karkinos Oncology Institute is Opened in Kolkata by Karkinos Healthcare

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Cancer is killing over 1300 Indians every day, making it an alarmingly high cancer incidence rate in the country. In the next five years, India's cancer case count is expected to increase by 12%, according to the ICMR. This means that, unless appropriate measures are taken, it won't be long before India becomes the cancer capital of the world. The five most common cancers in India are estimated to be as follows: 36% of all cancers in males (lung, mouth, prostate, tongue, and stomach), and 53% of cancers in females (breast, cervix uteri, ovary, corpus uteri, and lung). Comprehensive cancer care is provided by Medella Karkinos Oncology Institute, which houses advanced cancer diagnostics, precision oncology, surgical oncology, and radiation oncology under one roof. Immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and cancer screenings to get a diagnosis early. With 50 beds and an ICU and OT fully equipped to handle complex cancer surgeries, Medella Karkinos Oncology Institute is supported by an international board of advisors, technologists, oncologists, and pathologists with extensive experience on staff. The Swasthya Sathi Health Scheme has an agreement with the hospital. The cancer centre will also offer smooth patient navigation through its Karemitra team and Command Centre, which will provide each patient with guidance in their native tongue throughout their journey from diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Leading purpose-driven technology-led oncology platform Karkinos Healthcare announces the opening of a state-of-the-art cancer hospital, dubbed the "Medella Karkinos Oncology Institute," at Kamarhati, BT Road, Kolkata. The hospital's goal is to provide West Bengalis with high-quality, reasonably priced cancer treatment. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Akhter Jawade, Director East, Karkinos Healthcare stated that at Kamarhati Medella Karkinos Oncology Institute is a one-stop shop for cutting-edge and reasonably priced cancer care services. In terms of cancer cases, one in nine individuals will probably experience cancer at some point in their lives. Thousands of patients will benefit from Medella Karkinos Oncology Institute's world-class, technologically advanced facilities and highly skilled medical staff in receiving the most effective and reasonably priced cancer treatment close to their homes. Patients travelling from areas of the state such as North 24 Parganas, Nadia, Hooghly, etc. for cancer treatment will not only receive the best care possible from our centre, but they will also save a significant amount of time. To meet international standards for cancer care, the centre will offer some of the most advanced and cutting-edge practices in oncology, such as molecular diagnostics with next-generation sequencing, virtual tumour boards, and precision oncology, along with a team of highly skilled consultants and state-of-the-art treatment methods.

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