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The International Conference VLSID 2024 is Scheduled to take place in Kolkata in January 2024

News Desk, News Nation 360 : India has hope thanks to the semiconductor industry and Very Large-Scale Integration Design, which both promise sustainable growth. An international conference called VLSID 2024 is scheduled for the City of Joy. With support from the West Bengal government, the 37th International Conference of VLSI Design and the 23rd International Conference on Embedded Systems (VLSI Design Conference 2024) will be held in Kolkata from January 6–10, 2024. For five days, there will be 10 tutorial sessions and 80 qualitative IEEE research publications at the conference. There will be close to 100 exhibit stalls showcasing the newest VLSI and embedded systems product and technology fields. More than 300 fellowships have been awarded by the conference to faculty, researchers, and students who show promise in VLSI research and education. This would be the nation's largest semiconductor platform, with over a thousand representatives from academia, government, startups, and industry participating. At this conference, peer-reviewed papers on embedded systems and VLSI will be presented. 'VLSI Meets AI & Quantum for Cyber-Physical Systems' is this year's central theme. Semiconductors and electronics are now essential components of any nation's economic development and strategic security. While India steadily advances towards a USD 5 trillion economy, appropriately bolstered by a USD 1 trillion digital economy, the nation also needs to establish a self-sufficient and sustainable electronics and semiconductor ecosystem. While addressing the media Dr Hafizur Rahaman, General Chair, VLSID 2024 stated that for West Bengal and all of Eastern India, it will be a huge opportunity. They think that West Bengal can become a "Semiconductor Product State" if the government actively supports their efforts. There is no need for a greenfield accusation to grow this industry. Their state is home to numerous technical training institutions that produce highly qualified professionals who can propel the expansion of this sector. They anticipate that the vigorous pursuit of VLSI and semiconductors will enable them to attain their objective of creating a pool of skilled workers for technical training institutions in this state, capable of propelling the industry's growth. Academicians from MIT, Stanford University, Texas University, Osaka University, National University of Singapore, and many other institutions will be attending this conference, which is a convergence of academia and industry. Prominent multinational corporations, including but not limited to Microsoft, Intel, Google, Qualcomm, AMD, HCL, Juniper, IBM, Samsung, and so forth, will exhibit their latest innovations and products at the exhibition. With the help of the National Policy on Electronics 2019 (NPE 2019), the Indian electronics sector will be able to compete on a global scale and establish itself as a hub for Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) worldwide. Facilitating the establishment of semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities and their ecosystem for the design and fabrication of chip components is one of NPE 2019's primary strategies.

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