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The UK Pavilion is the Best Place for Young Minds to Visit for These Five Reasons

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Young readers are expected to be enthralled with the UK Pavilion at the 47th International Kolkata Book Fair. With kid-friendly events, the Central Park Mela Ground in Salt Lake, Kolkata, will be transformed from January 18 to January 31 by the UK Pavilion honouring the British Council's 75 years in India. The following is the schedule of kid-friendly events at the International Kolkata Book Fair: Gamified Education: What could be more enjoyable than a game-filled educational journey? With mind-bending puzzles and traditional bingo with an English twist, kids can have fun while expanding their vocabulary. Enjoy the opportunity to learn

and have fun while discovering the wonders of the English language. Make & Take: Encourage the kids' creative side! The 'Make & Take' area serves as a creative playground. Youngsters can create unique bookmarks or creative book covers for their favourite literature. It's a place where creativity can flourish. Competitions Abounding: Start the friendly rivalry now! Exciting competitions will make the Pavilion lively. Kids can demonstrate their abilities and insights in a variety of ways, from brief one-

minute games to drawing contests centred around important themes like "Climate and Sustainability" and "Clean and Green India." Interactive Tests and Instructional Sessions: Allow the kids to explore an intelligently fun world! The Pavilion holds educational and entertaining quizzes and sessions. From engaging explorations like 'Be a Scientist,' to lighthearted doodling sessions, these activities are sure to pique young minds' curiosity and hold their attention.  Animated Storytelling Events: When we were kids, the stories completely engrossed us! Restore the enchantment. The Pavilion offers a setting where parents and kids can immerse themselves in enthralling stories, fostering a passion for reading and storytelling. These activities are aimed at a younger audience and are expected to add a playful element to the literary atmosphere. The Pavilion is a must-visit location for those eager to explore the world of literature and beyond because it allows kids to participate in a variety of carefully planned activities amid the pages and stories.

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