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Acropolis Mall Celebrated Christmas with a Carnival of Roller Coasters and a Wide Variety of Games

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Acropolis Mall, the Mall of Joy, south Kolkata's premier shopping destination and a one-stop entertainment complex in India, is getting ready to welcome Santa Claus with a winter carnival featuring roller coasters. On December 27 and 29, from 4.30 to 6 p.m., there will be a Festive Fitness Team Relay, Scavenger Hunt, and Christmas Talent Contest. Ryan the Lion, the incredibly animated host, kicked off the funfair today by taking the kids on an incredible adventure that included a Christmas Fancy Dress Parade, a Musical Ring, chairs and cones. Today's fancy dress parade included over a hundred excited kids and their parents. Speaking on the occasion, K Vijayan, GM, of Acropolis Mall said that Acropolis Mall, also referred to as the Mall of Joy, has welcomed the festive winter celebration with a fantastic funfair. With an abundance of games, the mall is converted into a kids' paradise. The Carnival, with its host Ryan and his games, emanates high-decibel energy. They also have Ocean World, a fun place where kids and adults alike can learn about the ocean's ecosystem and discover a variety of marine life forms that exist beneath the surface of the ocean. This is the first time that their city has seen an aquatic theme park of this kind. They anticipate that visitors will come to the mall to indulge in their pre-New Year's shopping binge, spoil themselves with mouthwatering cuisine, and have fun with a wide variety of gaming options. Furthermore, "The Ocean World," a breathtaking aquatic theme park, is currently open at Acropolis Mall and will captivate visitors for the duration of January 15—the first of its kind in the city of joy. Youngsters can discover the wonders of Ocean World and learn about the aquatic marine life. A theme park called Ocean World recreates various marine habitats and environments from across the world. A magnificent ship inspired by the swashbuckling film series "Pirates of the Caribbean" is on display at Ocean World in Acropolis. Numerous aquatic animals, such as dolphins, sharks, octopuses, sea lions, stingrays, whale sharks, and many more, are visible to visitors.

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