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Offerings for Christmas at Kitchen 165

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Experience the magic of the holiday season at NX Hotel's Christmas Buffet 2023. Indulge in a delightful selection of salads, such as the Grilled Veg Salad, Green Stick Salad, American Corn Salad, and Lachha Onion Salad. Treat yourself to the cosy flavours of a Roasted Pumpkin Soup before embarking on a culinary adventure with an assortment of starters, including the delectable Cheese Corn Cigar, Pattaya Paneer, Caramelised Chicken Stick, and Finger Finger. Get ready to savour every bite and make unforgettable memories this Christmas. On 24th December 2023 and 25th December 2023, from 7 PM to 11 PM (24th Dinner) and 12 PM to 3 PM (25th Lunch), the Christmas Buffet 2023 which includes a main course with dishes like Dal Makhni, Mix Jhalfrezi, Penne Pomodoro, Veg Casserole, Veg Pulao, and an assortment of Indian Breads. Seafood lovers can enjoy Fish Florentine, while those craving a taste of the exotic can relish Asian-style rice with chicken meatballs and for a traditional touch there are the Oven Roast Turkey with cranberry sauce at P-165E/EA, Metropolitan Co-operative Housing Society Kolkata-700105, P-165E/EA, Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Metropolitan Co-Operative Housing Society Limited, Kolkata, West Bengal 700105 at just Rs 999 AI.




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