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ABP News Launched the Adarsh Voter Campaign Using Educative Comic Strips to Encourage Informed Voting

News Desk, News Nation 360 : ABP News has launched the 'Adarsh Voter' campaign, a series of educational comic strips intended to encourage informed voting and active citizenship, as part of its ongoing efforts to bolster India's democratic process. The 'Jeetna Aapka Zaroori Hai' campaign, which encouraged Indians to exercise their constitutional right and participate in the ongoing 18th Lok Sabha Elections, was a success and served as the model for this initiative. Adarsh Voters are those who actively engage in the political process, look for trustworthy sources of information, and carefully weigh their options before casting a ballot. ABP News hopes to raise a generation of knowledgeable and astute voters with this campaign, ones who can cut through the clutter and make decisions that will impact the course of the country. Millions of people nationwide will be able to see the Adarsh Voter comics thanks to their release on print and digital media from ABP News. By emphasising the importance of voting, opposing false information, and looking for clarity amid the confusion of election campaigns, this campaign seeks to further empower citizens. These comics will assist viewers in moving past sensationalism, encouraging transparency, and firmly establishing their voting choices in the real world through captivating illustrations and gripping stories. ABP News is dedicated to enabling voters in ways that go beyond the 'Adarsh Voter' initiative. In-depth analysis, professional insights, and on-the-ground reports are provided by the network's extensive election coverage, which includes programmes like "Kaun Banega Pradhanmantri 2024" and "Lok Sabha Elections 2024." This guarantees that every Indian has access to the data they need to make an informed decision.

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