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Acropolis Mall Ushers in Bengali New Year with Spectacular Fashion Shows for All

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Acropolis Mall has welcomed the auspicious Bengali New Year with an extravagant celebration of fashion, fun, and festivities, coinciding with the blooming vibrant colours of spring. The mall has hosted several stunning fashion shows for children, men, and women under the theme "Anondo Dharay Natun Barsh E Suchona," promising a day full of glamour and excitement. The emcee gave a spectacular opening speech to the event, kicking off a day full of modern flair and cultural diversity. Children's fashion shows were held at the mall, with both male and female models walking the ramp with style and panache. Subhadip Basu, GM of Acropolis Mall stated that they consistently plan fun and creative events to keep their esteemed visitors engaged. As they joyfully welcome everyone to Acropolis Mall, they are overjoyed to celebrate the Bengali New Year. They want to embrace the creativity and talent in the community while capturing the spirit of Bengali culture through a varied lineup of fashion shows and interactive events. They hope that visitors will enjoy their shopping trip to Acropolis Mall, which has over 100 stores, a plethora of upscale dining options, a lively food court, a kid's play area and a multiplex where they can see their favourite films.

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