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Launch of Shilar Jinnat by Esteemed Author Subodh Sarkar

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The goal of Kolahal Theatre Workshop is to create therapy-based programmes for disadvantaged groups in society. In the presence of numerous well-known authors and dignitaries, the distinguished poet, editor, translator, and associate professor of English Subodh Sarkar recently released the book Shilar Jinnat from the home of Darabar Jayega in Kolkata. The play Shilar Jinnat is performed before the book launch, and Urukku Manush, the

seventh production of Kolahal Theatre Workshop, is a short play that comes after. Kolahal's rehabilitation programme, Urukku Manush, serves children and young adults with autism and intellectual disabilities. Four kids with autism have taken part in the play. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which translates to "the world is one family" in Sanskrit, is the central idea of Shilar Jinnat. The protagonist of Shilar Jinnat is Ismail, a dedicated clay artist. His art is worship in his

eyes. His older sister Asma and his niece Muskan make up his small family. Ismail's world completely collapses the year before the Pujas when he finds that he cannot give any of the clay idols any shape. Distressed Ismail begins to have strange visions that take him into an unfamiliar world because he is torn between his responsibility to provide for the family and his personal passion. But is that world truly uncharted territory, or does it have some connection to his past? And in all of these, what part does Sugandha play? Shilar Jinnat shows us that "An artist has no caste" by taking us on a journey through time where the fantastical and the real collide. Nigel Akkara is the director of the play Shilar Jinnat, while Tanmay Ghosh is in charge of Urukku Manush.

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