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Maharaj Team Presented a Moving Musical Evening

News Desk, News Nation 360 : "Maharaj" presented a captivating musical event featuring the soul-stirring compositions of Nirupam Dutta, the film's co-director. The celebration of the musical journey of the film took place at That Red House and included live performances of songs like "Uri Uri," "Khwaab," "Bhookh," and "Ghor," in addition to some entrancing background scores that are sure to improve the viewing experience. The song "Ghor" has been sung by singers John Paul and Meghashree Paul in both male and female versions. The songs "Khwaab" and "Bhookh" were sung by Nirupam Dutta, while Amrita Chakraborty sang "Uri Uri." Nirupam Dutta is the composer of scores such as the Maharaaj Main Theme, Nandinis Theme, and Departure. The movie's main cast members, Amrita Gagan Chakraborty and Souryadipta Mukherjee, among other distinguished guests, attended the musical extravaganza. The evening's charm and excitement were enhanced by the melodious voice of renowned singer Gaurab Chatterjee, also known as Gaboo, who graced the occasion. Team Maharaj shared their excitement for the musical storyline of the film and thanked everyone who came to the event. With a cast as distinguished as this and a stellar musical lineup, Team Maharaj's film is sure to be a hit with audiences of all stripes.

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