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Raft Cosmic EV's New Showroom Grand Opening Celebrated a Significant Advancement in Electric Mobility

News Desk, News Nation 360 : With great pride, Raft Cosmic EV announced the grand opening of its new showroom on Poila Baisakh, a historic event that will change the electric vehicle landscape. The showroom is located at 27, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata 700020, close to Minto Park. Under the slogan "Notun Bochor, Notun Bike" (New Year, New Bike), the automotive industry is about to enter a new phase of innovation and sustainability. Raft Cosmic EV announces plans to

enter the electric three-wheeler and commercial vehicle segments in a bold move towards expansion. The company has set a targeted launch date for the electric three-wheelers for the fiscal year 2026–2027. Four outstanding electric vehicle (EV) models are unveiled in the showroom; each is intended to represent a unique personality and transform our understanding of electric mobility. Raft Cosmic EV Indus (Range King), Raft Cosmic EV Magnetic (Class and Simplicity), Raft Cosmic EV Warrior (Street Fighter), and Raft Cosmic EV Zanskar (Jewel of the Crown) are among the models in the lineup. Along with other dignitaries, Chief Guest Aditya Vikram Birla, Chairman and Managing Director of Cosmic EV Ltd. & Cosmic Birla Group, was present at the grand opening ceremony. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jitendra Kochar, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Vedant Mimani, Chief Product Officer (CPO) Kushal Choudhury, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Rajiv Shishir Nagar, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Coomar Sudarsan, and Marketing Head (MH) Adityavikram Malu were among the distinguished guests. The glamour and significance of the event were enhanced by special guests Darshana Banik, a model and actress, and actor Saurav Das.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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