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AI and VR are Transforming Accuracy and Innovation in Real Estate, Architecture, and Interior Design

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are coming together to transform several industries by providing unmatched accuracy and innovation in real estate, building, interior design, and architecture. Leading VR consultant DC Vision's founder, Dhriti Chatterjee, emphasises how AI is revolutionising VR technology. AI-powered virtual reality solutions enable architects and designers to visualise and refine designs with previously unheard-of precision in the field of architecture. AI systems can create realistic virtual reality (VR) representations of proposed structures by examining architectural blueprints and spatial data. This enables stakeholders to examine and assess designs before the start of construction. AI is essential to improving the precision and authenticity of VR simulations. VR environments can dynamically adapt to user interactions and real-time data inputs by utilising machine learning

algorithms. Furthermore, by allowing users to visualise and alter interior spaces in real-time, AI-driven virtual reality applications are revolutionising interior decorating. Users can experiment with various furniture arrangements, colour schemes, and decor options by integrating AI algorithms with VR platforms. This allows for more informed design decisions and higher customer satisfaction. The combination of AI and VR will propel future developments as AI gets stronger, enabling companies and individuals to develop impactful, individualised, and immersive experiences in a variety of industries. Dhriti Chatterjee explained that VR simulations can react dynamically to user inputs thanks to AI algorithms, producing accurate and immersive experiences that closely resemble real-world situations. Based on user preferences and demographic information, AI algorithms can personalise VR tours, increasing engagement and promoting well-informed purchase decisions. They can reach new heights of precision, ingenuity, and inventiveness in these fields by utilising AI to improve VR experiences.

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