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CMRI Opened a Severe Asthma Clinic to Offer Top-Notch Care for Lung-Related Issues and Asthma

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The Severe Asthma Clinic has been launched by Calcutta Medical Research Institute, a division of CK Birla Hospital, to offer top-notch asthma care that meets international standards. The clinic provides the best consultation and treatment, in line with international standards, and uses the most recent technology available to detect lung disorders, severe asthma cases, and asthma in its early stages. Given that India has one of the highest rates of asthma worldwide, there is a growing need for a severe asthma clinic. The Lancet's 2021 Global Burden of Disease Report states that there are approximately 38 million asthmatics in India. There are approximately 340 million asthmatics in the world. Ten per cent or so of the world's asthma cases are in India. According to the Global Initiative of Asthma (GINA) guidelines, the Severe Asthma Clinic provides step-by-step asthma management plans. These plans include individualised care plans that offer advanced therapies like biologics with close respiratory nurse supervision during administration and ongoing support to help patients manage their asthma more effectively. At the clinic, patients will receive appropriate instruction on how to use inhalers, as well as identification of co-morbidities such as bronchiectasis and ABPA through serologic markers and HRCT scans, dietary advice, psychological counselling, and monitoring of therapy compliance at each visit. Additionally, a skin prick test will be used to determine the patient's atopic status. Dr Beauty Biswas, Consultant - Pulmonology, CMRI stated that a chronic respiratory disease that affects millions of people worldwide is asthma. The kind of severe asthma that is hard to manage and frequently necessitates hospital stays and emergency care is known as severe asthma. Breathing difficulties are a daily struggle for patients with severe asthma, which lowers quality of life and increases medical expenses. The creation of a severe asthma clinic will act as a focal point where these patients can obtain all-encompassing care from a group of committed medical professionals.

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