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Staff Members of Alipore Zoological Garden Received Summer Safety Kits From Suraksha Diagnostics

News Desk, News Nation 360 : A premier diagnostic chain committed to the community's health, Suraksha Diagnostics, gave away vital summer safety kits today to the diligent employees of the Zoological Garden in Alipore. With temperatures rising above 40°C and a sweltering heatwave engulfing Kolkata, this humanitarian effort seeks to support and console those who are selflessly tending to the city's cherished animal population. The Leptospira test, TB X-ray, TB sputum test, and anti-rabies vaccine are all included in the health package. Ritu Mittal, CEO, of Suraksha Diagnostics, stated that emphasising the value of community cooperation in addressing problems such as the current heatwave, Suraksha is happy to assist the employees of the Alipore Zoological Garden. To meet their needs and encourage a happier, healthier workforce, they have created a comprehensive health package. All employees of Alipore Zoo will receive a health check-up package at a 60% savings. Dr Somnath Chatterjee, Chairman of Suraksha Diagnostics, Ritu Mittal, CEO, and Raman Kejriwal, Promoter, gave out hats, water bottles, and battery-operated hand fans to the hardworking employees of the Alipore Zoological Garden, realising the urgent need for relief during these trying times. On the occasion was Subhankar Sengupta, Chief Conservator of Forests and Director of the Zoological Garden, Alipore.

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