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The President of India Bestowed the Prestigious Padma Bhushan Award upon Dr Sitaram Jindal

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The President of India presented Dr. Sitaram Jindal, the visionary pioneer in philanthropy and healthcare, with the esteemed Padma Bhushan Award on Monday at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi. The Prime Minister and other notable dignitaries graced the ceremony, which was a historic event honouring Dr Jindal's extraordinary contributions to society. Due to his academic endeavours, Dr Jindal attended Calcutta University, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1957 and a doctorate in naturopathy two years later. His passion for drugless healing was sparked by a life-changing event that happened during his college years. Through fasting, enemas, and yoga, he managed to overcome a seemingly incurable condition of abdominal tuberculosis. The Jindal Naturecure Institute (JNI), which was founded in Bangalore in 1979 as a result of this passion, has won praise from all over the world for its compassionate approach to treating both acute and chronic illnesses. Rather than follow the traditional nature treatments that were popular at the time, Dr. Jindal set out to modernise and advance this neglected science. Renowned figures, including former prime ministers Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Chandrashekhar, I.K. Gujral, Dev Lalji, Ramakrishana Hegde, the former chief minister of Karnataka, and numerous VIPs and dignitaries, have bestowed accolades upon Dr Jindal. Their individual experiences as JNI patients highlight the institute's revolutionary influence under Dr Jindal's direction. Dr Jindal's dedication to preventive care is consistent with his conviction that naturopathy has the potential to improve millions of lives worldwide by reducing the strain on allopathic hospitals. Beyond medicine and charity, Dr Jindal has made significant contributions to society. Most notably, he was instrumental in the introduction of the government's Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) programme. His 15 years of hard work and the continuous battle to raise the percentage demonstrate his unwavering commitment to improving society. JAL's generous funding of the S. Jindal Charitable Foundation is evidence of Dr Jindal's steadfast dedication to philanthropy. His philanthropic endeavours have been financially supported by the foundation, which has supported numerous trusts, hospitals, schools, and colleges without the need for outside funding. Dr Jindal's commitment to social welfare is further demonstrated by the thousands of disadvantaged students he has provided scholarships for and the numerous non-governmental organisations (NGOs) he has supported that work to help the less fortunate.

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